Plainfield, NJ

Even though Jelani released his first album, Jelani Chapter 6, only two years ago, he is not new to the music scene. He started singing when he was very young – about 4 years old, doing solos in church. Since then, he never stopped entertaining small groups of people with his great, silky voice that has a mind-blowing range until high school.

Jelani sang a lot in middle school and had his first talent show in 8th grade. He recorded his first song between 9-10th grade. He has since graduated from entertaining small groups to getting multitudes dancing and singing along to his masterpieces.

For Jelani, music is all about life, happiness, and growth. He uses his music to communicate life, what it means, what happens in it, including love and relationships, as he seeks to expand his influence worldwide.

His first album, Jelani Chapter 6, released in 2019 – features masterpieces such as Remember, Don’t Think, and Operator, which is exceptionally arranged and performed. It can easily have you thinking you are listening to some of the Billboard’s top songs. The album also features a great party song titled “Shake”.

His latest release is the single titled “Right Away”, which is his usual great melody, exceptionally mixed and mastered. The song is a perfect gift for lovers of top-quality R&B.

Jelani is featured on DJ Ran’s single “Birthday Ride” and is currently in the studio, recording songs for his forthcoming EP, expected to be released in early 2022. Born and raised in the  Plainfield, Piscataway area, Jelani is making his presence felt across the entire world through his music

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