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Lo-Key Music Group is an independent label dedicated to the independent artist motivated to create a path of their own. Founded in 2020 by Karim A. Rasul - a seasoned artist manager and serial entrepreneur, he built this label with the artist’s best interest at heart. 

Here at Lo-Key Music Group, we are focused on building household names from the ground up. Brick by brick, we help artists build their brands through collaboration, innovation, musical training and development. Though our artists are emerging there’s nothing emerging about the talent they exude. It’s our mission to turn these lo-key artists into mainstream powerhouses.

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“Don’t Be Fooled” By Pappy Natson and Jamar Johnson, The Follow Up To “Don’t Be Surprised” is an Exquisite Manifestation of Production Elegance

In whose hands are we safe? - In the mighty hands of the talented lyrical prowess and certified versatile rapper, Pappy Natson.

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The Doughboy Project huge and touch of genuine genius in, “I Want All the Smoke (Instrumentals)” is everything you want for Christmas and going into the New Year

The Doughboy Project has accessed his genius-level insights and advanced creativity by tapping on his hardwired capacity to capitalize on the realm of pure genius which has been activated with his musical gifts which precedes him having taken him to places one would only dream.

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Power Black Has Announced a New Release: "I'm A Warrior” (featuring Money Zoe & Nocturnal)

Power Black is an artist and songwriter who recently released a new single titled "I’m A Warrior". This release is particularly outstanding, because it marks an exciting new chapter in the creative journey of this talented artist.

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producer Jersey Dougboy at a computer

  • Doughboy

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