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Lo-Key Music Group is an independent label dedicated to the independent artist motivated to create a path of their own. Founded in 2020 by Karim A. Rasul - a seasoned artist manager and serial entrepreneur, he built this label with the artist’s best interest at heart. 

Here at Lo-Key Music Group, we are focused on building household names from the ground up. Brick by brick, we help artists build their brands through collaboration, innovation, musical training and development. Though our artists are emerging there’s nothing emerging about the talent they exude. It’s our mission to turn these lo-key artists into mainstream powerhouses.

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Jelani’s Latest Single “Fighting for You” Paints a Lyrical Masterpiece That Resonates With the Profound Depth of Love.

Jelani’s expressive voice pirouettes over the catchy hypnotic beat with such an irresistible charm in his latest release, dubbed "Fighting For You." His sweet-talking, cottony, and ear-worming vocals breathe life into the unique lyrical narrative birthed from deep feelings of love and the need to make things better for everyone involved. The track's incredible phrasing and its captivating hook are a huge testament to the artist’s first-rate storytelling knack, as he vividly paints pictures with his words, articulating his emotions with heartwarming eloquence and depth. The flawless songwriting and ideal performance showcase Jelani&...

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Unleashing the Fire with Rowdy Kiiing's Explosive New Single "Now"

Rowdy Kiiing, a New Jersey native who now resides in Atlanta, deserves the vet mentions; he has been in the game long enough and has truly never lost his footing in hip-hop music. Many may remember him as Rowdy Rahz,

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Internationally Acclaimed Hip Hop Star Nocturnal Releases His Debut Album “Breathin Fire” After a Career Spanning Two Decades of Success!

When the night kicks in and the basic "humans" struggle to see the light, that’s when he appears, seeing clearly like an owl and activating his senses to dominate his surroundings

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producer Jersey Dougboy at a computer

  • Doughboy

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