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Lo-Key Music Group is an independent label dedicated to the independent artist motivated to create a path of their own. Founded in 2020 by Karim A. Rasul - a seasoned artist manager and serial entrepreneur, he built this label with the artist’s best interest at heart. 

Here at Lo-Key Music Group, we are focused on building household names from the ground up. Brick by brick, we help artists build their brands through collaboration, innovation, musical training and development. Though our artists are emerging there’s nothing emerging about the talent they exude. It’s our mission to turn these lo-key artists into mainstream powerhouses.

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Money Zoe Has Slain the Fans with Contemporary Vibes in Afrobeats with His New Single “Juices & Berries”

Money Zoe, a talented versatile artist, cannot help but stand out for all the right reasons with his impressively soulful sound, spectacular vocal range, and innovative spin on Afrobeats.

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Jay Wex Drops New Single “Please” Featuring Dynamic Beats and Penetrating Lyrical Wordplay

Sound modulations by technological enhancements have made a major contribution to the existence of music and are constantly evolving culturally and creatively alongside the collective music scene. Burgeoning music producer and musician Jay Wex presents an exquisite stream of hip-hop instrumentals across a dynamically enhanced soundscape. Using electronic sound and rhythm modulators and other technological interventions, he has sculpted a style that follows the basic characteristics of hip-hop. His music, though, is a mixed blend of many genres and forms, something that was evidently used in his newly released single “Please” in collaboration with the prolific rapper Pappy ...

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Pappy Natson’s Latest Ep ‘Don’t Be Surprised’ Introduces A Refreshing Change in The Repetitive Hip-Hop Scene

Few artist’s creativity develops overtime, and what sets them apart is their energy and artistic freedom. Pappy Natson is one such artist who, by infusing his versatile sound with old school hip-hop and retro sounds, is bringing back the golden era of hip-hop and retro sounds to the scene. The rapper has already amassed a substantial fan base thanks to his crisp creations that highlight his uniqueness. Without succumbing to industry pressure, the exceptional artist soul believes in exploring with his style and sound, resulting in records with a blissful ambiance.  This new hip hop EP ‘...

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producer Jersey Dougboy at a computer

  • Doughboy

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