Swiftly Rising Female Rapper and Artist LMonique’s Explosive Debut Single "Not the Same" Marks a Significant Milestone in Her Burgeoning Career

Published November 17th, 2023 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

The only thing sexier and fascinating than a fearlessly gifted artist is a fearlessly gifted artist who knows what they want. A native of Newark in New Jersey, LMonique is bringing both the fire and the smoke. She is an explosive wordsmith who effortlessly blurs the lines between rapper and artist. When it comes to her music and style, it is inspired by daily life and unfolds like chapters of a well-crafted novel. Armed with a lifelong passion for music that started to show when she was just a young girl, before going on to throw herself into the game aged fourteen, she is the very definition of a go-getter. With a magnetic stage presence, a confidence you can only earn, palpable charisma, and astounding lyrical gifts, she is set to set the music ablaze and cement herself as the NEXT BIG THING in the hip-hop and rap industry...and what a way to announce herself with that debut masterclass!“Not The Same” sees LMonique take the gloves off, and she comes charging with some explicit bars; she is sharp, incisive, and hard-hitting. Her scene-stealing bars and verses have been packaged nicely in between infectious and catchy hooks to keep you heavily invested throughout.

She does not tiptoe around the subject matter but prefers to sound an alarm, preparing the hip-hop landscape for what to expect while reminding other aspiring rappers and self-proclaimed socialites that she is built differently—they should treat her accordingly. She is simply making music on another level because she is one. This is her time, and she feels in the right mindset to showcase her gifts by releasing more music. “Not The Same” serves as a precursor to what to expect from this articulate and passionate rapper. Accompanying this jam is a high-quality music video that is just as powerful as the track itself. This eye-catcher features LMonique in a starring role as she showcases her stage presence, charisma, and lyrical prowess to the entertainment of anyone lucky enough to watch this video.

“Not The Same” marks a significant milestone in LMonique's budding career as she seeks to leave an indelible mark on the music industry and create soundtracks of our lives while at it! Find a home for this banger in your playlist, follow LMonique everywhere, and get ready to ride this trailblazing journey with her. It doesn’t get better than this!

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