Fast-Rising Female Emcee LMonique Returns With Another Catchy Banger, “Take It Easy”

Published April 3rd, 2024 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

One of my most significant artistic discoveries in 2023 is LMonique, a trailblazing sensation in hip-hop and rap who is seriously gifted and possesses a magnetic charisma that effortlessly ingratiates itself to any hip-hop fanatic. She is an explosive wordsmith and effortlessly blurs the lines between rapper and artist. Her own insatiable passion for hip-hop music has had a firm foundation since childhood, when she became heavily invested in hip-hop and R&B records, singing to her favorite artists’ songs word by word and learning all she could about the genre, ultimately applying that knowledge when she began writing and recording her own rap songs under the moniker 'Stahr.' She later changed her stage name to LMonique and has had the honor of opening for internationally acclaimed acts in the hip-hop and R&B genres and beyond.

LMonique’s journey has been one of constant evolution and discovery; her debut single “Not The Same” was well received, earning her critical acclaim from fans and critics alike generating significant traffic on streaming platforms.

She is back with another equally captivating and hard-hitting banger titled “Take It Easy,” a single from her record label Lo-Key’s “NJ Hip Hop Honors” soundtrack.

With this jam, she keeps it intriguing and unforgettable throughout with her sharp-witted flow and intricate wordplay. For example, the line, “The only time I’m coming is to come and collect…” showcases a witty double entendre, highlighting her lyrical prowess.

The modern beat is infectious and provides the perfect bed of support for LMonique’s bold vocal delivery, as she shines with her memorable punchlines and catchy hooks to keep things interesting throughout.

“Take It Easy” is another shining example of what LMonique is capable of; smart, thought-provoking, relatable, and captivating music.

Now streaming on all popular platforms, consider giving this banger a listen and sharing your thoughts.

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