"Birthday Ride" by DJ Ran Makes a Tremendous Impact on Contemporary Music with its New-age Resonance

Published May 28th, 2021 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

The world of music is much more than meets the eye, and the parts that produce a wonderful piece of music are more than just the singer's voice. More producers nowadays desire to be acknowledged outside of the confines of a music studio, and then there are artists like DJ Ran who works tirelessly to create something truly remarkable and significant. The DJ and music producer who works with Lo-Key Music Group, where he collaborates with artists to make their tracks stand out by incorporating his artistic genius.

DJ Ran constructs a musical voyage for the ages with his latest tune "Birthday Ride," boldly taking on the numerous vices of today's world, Dancehall, Contemporary R&B, and Hip Hop in general.

With its lyrical exploration of sensuous vocals by Jelani and a dazzling rhythmic rap flow by Money Zoe, "Birthday Ride" is a breath of new air. DJ Ran creates a musical excursion for the ages through his music in partnership with both artists offering irresistibly digitalized vibes laced with riotously entertaining personality and outrageously captivating charisma found in the lyrics and choice of beats. They both meander across the entire soundscape with razor-sharp vocal clarity and passionate lyricism, while maintaining the melody and momentum.

DJ Ran is more than a DJ; he understands the skills required to guide the artist through harmonies, complicated artistic concepts, and riffs. After listening to "Birthday Ride," you will undoubtedly be eager to hear the rest of the upcoming album "Summer Vibes," which is set to be released soon. In the meantime, you may listen to "Summer Vibes" on Spotify and follow him on Instagram. You'll be pleased you did, and even if this is your first time hearing DJ Ran, Jelani, or Money Zoe, it won't be your last.

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