Unleashing the Fire with Rowdy Kiiing's Explosive New Single "Now"

Published March 30th, 2023 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

Rowdy Kiiing, a New Jersey native who now resides in Atlanta, deserves the vet mentions; he has been in the game long enough and has truly never lost his footing in hip-hop music. Many may remember him as Rowdy Rahz, dating back to when he dropped his first-ever single Nev-ah in 2000 with Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Records. And he has come a long way, getting bigger and better not only as an artist but also as an actor and fashion designer.

As someone who has always been dedicated to preserving the purity of rap music, he balances the edge and grit of the underground sound with a more modern twist to appeal to the old and new generations alike

Rowdy Kiiing is preparing for the drop of his new EP, which is expected this summer of 2023. The track "Now" is the first single off the EP, produced by Beat Bank, a long-time collaborator with whom he has worked for over 20 years. Released by Lo-Key Music Group, "Now" is a head-banging anthem that showcases Rowdy's unmatched flows and cadence over banging street-glamorous beats.

The signature turned-up snares, hi-hats, and some thumping basslines, pounding drums, atmospheric synths, and other quintessential underground hip-hop elements work in close harmony with one another to create a hypnotic sound that achieves what it was set out to do!

Rowdy Kiiing joy-rides over the beats, artfully and ferociously dancing between words, sounds, and cadence like a professional kickboxer as he intuitively and impulsively lands some fierce verses and masterful rhymes in a rhythmically mesmerizing flow. He then caps the performance off with a memorable hook that will stay in your head for the better part of the day.

This is first-class lyricism, with Rowdy Kiiing recognizing how, after his fortunes changed, many people now wanted to be associated with him, even those who didn’t believe him in the first place…one thing about him though is that he has always kept it real since day one, and he ain’t changed since then!

"Now" is a proper street anthem and has all the ingredients to make it on radio playlists all over. Prepare for its dominance from today on!

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