“Don’t Be Fooled” By Pappy Natson and Jamar Johnson, The Follow Up To “Don’t Be Surprised” is an Exquisite Manifestation of Production Elegance

Published December 31st, 2021 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

In whose hands are we safe? - In the mighty hands of the talented lyrical prowess and certified versatile rapper, Pappy Natson; the unbreakable duo of Pappy Natson and his producer Jamar Johnson are back with something to last us for the festive season and beyond. "Don't Be Fooled" is a superbly tuned EP, a masterclass at the summit of musical ability and the touchstone of genuine brilliance. The lyrical onslaught delivered in the 6-track compilation is the undoubted mark of an accomplished maestro. Downloading his commitments for the future ahead, recording his precious ambitions, and activating his gratitude, the EP has it all with the smoothened-out Hip hop melodies reminiscent of the old-school captivating sounds and the commanding delivery. What you are about to experience from this transcendental souvenir will in many ways curve an indelible fortified footprint on your soul.

“More Momentum” featuring Litt Green will respectfully confirm why they are the best as it offers a sauntering Hip hop groove with the rhythmic blended beats driving the compelling harmony of the song as they both expertly deliver their lyricism like industrial experts who were born to do exactly that. The title track, “Don’t be fooled” is the old school vibe that will take you to the realm of reminiscent imaginations enabling you the listener to let go of the toxic emotions and low energy as you offer whole yourself to the maximum creativity, premium vitality and unmatchable performance on display by Pappy Natson and Jamar Johnson. The intoxicating and alluring harmonic emanating from “Black Rose” featuring Bless Picasso will provide for a listening experience like you haven’t heard before as the ensuing harmony created by the expertly blended instrumentation stays with you always and forever. “Searching for something” is a distinct sound that is embellished with magnetic wonder by the soothing and beautiful background lady voice as her smooth voice serenades the track and Pappy Natson’s signature voice flows expertly along with the smooth melodic beat as he attacks each bar with a potent precision.

“Big Business” featuring Nocturnal and “I Ain’t Mad Tho” is both short and sweet delivered emotionally with his deep tone and skillful lyricism that emotes perfectly whatever themes the songs are about. This is a stellar production that not even the most complimentary words would come close to describing such artistic beauty deservingly. A listener has the power to feel it and allow oneself to enjoy in its melody-rich tapestry; a super way to fireproof and fortify your mind, body, and soul this festive season.

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