Falling In Love, by Shane

Published August 27th, 2021 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

With only a few weeks ahead, recording artist SHANE is set to release his first single, "Falling in Love," off his four-track EP titled "Do Not Disturb."

After spending some time working on his newest EP, ingenious artist, Shane has finally set August 27th, 2021, as the date for the release of his first track. With this new single, the artist contemplates bringing across a message of love through his thrilling R&B style.

Set to be released by Lo-Key Music Group, the song intends to introduce his new EP that will later be released to the world.

Having chosen the perfect time this summer to release such a smooth love jam, "Falling in Love" is a masterpiece meant to make the listeners feel in love once again. Considered to be the most incredible thing today, the rich love lyrics displayed in the song will remind you of how it feels to love someone.

"Don't want nobody else; I wanna be with you."

With a fantastic melody and deep lyrics, this single is heavily dominated by rich melodies and an outcry of emotions he feels for a special someone. Like any other person in love or who knows how it feels to love someone, this song is a treasure when it comes to displaying feelings. To be a perfect late summer release, Shane shows his excellent vocals on this piece fused with fantastic production that makes him sound like an R&B star from the 90s.

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