Get Ready to Be Moved by the Rhyming Dexterity of Established Rapper Pappy Natson’s Single "Thru The Cracks"

Published May 11th, 2021 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

An aggressive punch. A crushingly stunning lyrical flow. Instrumental songs with raw beats and infectious hooks. These are only a couple of the thoughts that come to mind when thinking of Pappy Natson.

Some things just seem to go well together. Incorporating hip-hop beats with spectacular and concise songwriting, for example, works incredibly well to captivate the listeners' attention. Artist Pappy Natson, who leads with similar qualities, rises to the popular scene with his unique style of rap delivery. Using contrasting rhythms and his flawless manner of delivery, the rapper has released a number of projects that have left his name firmly in the minds of listeners.

The talented artist's track "Thru The Cracks" has recently gained popularity and is the first single from his EP "Don't Be Surprised." which has something for each and every listener. The single reflects on some of his life experiences and other various issues that are bound to resonate with the listeners. "...even when I random rap, I never left so you can't say the man is back"

Pappy Natson never seems out of context, and the amount of variety he portrays in his compositions is one of the most sublime aspects of his work. To keep the hip-hop audience's attention, the rapper uses a variety of beats and raps at a steady pace. After only one listens, his music becomes instantly identifiable, and the artist is rapidly establishing himself as a fantastic rap star.

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