Get Through an Exciting Hip-hop Arrangement With "Go Hard" by Nocturnal

Published November 14th, 2020 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

Nocturnal is one of the few rappers who are bringing back the true spirit of the rap genre. The Brilliant rapper and songwriter Nocturnal molds his raw thoughts into refined and detailed musical lyrical ballads

The rapper has recently released "Go Hard," featuring Money Zoe which has set a new standard in the hip hop industry. The musical arrangement in the track is very catchy, with a genius sound design and superb arrangement.

The single begins with a high-energy groove,  then transitions into an old-school Hip-hop breakbeat rhythm from the 1990s. The low end is held down by a grungy analog synth bass, while airy melodic chimes enter the mix to build a mellow ambiance. Once the rhythm of the track has been established, Nocturnal launches into a non-stop stream of conscious rap. With clever relatable hustle culture references and imaginative visual metaphors in his rhymes, his style takes on a creative lyrical vibe.

The style is unmistakably old-school Hip-hop. Over a collection of late-eighties and early-nineties-era grooves, both Nocturnal and Money Zoe attack the beat with the mindset and vitality of seasoned freestylers.

Working with the prestigious label Lo-Key Music Group, Nocturnal is channeling all of his creativity and pent-up thoughts into his compositions, creating masterpieces such as "Go Hard."  The single is from Lo-Key Music Group’s compilation album “Smoke & Mirrors”

"Go Hard" is the embodiment of an old-school groove meeting a new instrumental and rap vibe, made possible by his exceptional imagination.

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