Indulge Yourself into the Realm of Real Power as Power Black’s Debut Album “Fight Fire With Fire” Transcends The Boundaries Of Hip Hop Creativity

Published November 26th, 2021 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

Power Black is living his genius who embraced his specialness and inbuilt ability to rap as early as he could muster as he wrote his first song when he was just 13 years. Ever since he has experienced artistic growth rising with the popularity of the Hip hop sound like the genuine superstar he is. “Fight Fire With Fire” is a sensational 14-track compilation of certified bangers with diverse themes and melodic Hip hop tunes blended with exceptional maturity to create some speaker-thumping and smoothly flowing rhythms that are without a doubt going to appeal to Hip hop fanatics across the sphere. Power Black layers each of these breathtaking productions with his distinct flow that is powerful, unique, and commanding which makes every track resonate with old school and new school Hip hop sound enthusiasts. The “Intro” is just what you need to set up your day as its harmonic start with the press of the piano keys to produce a tuneful melody that integrates perfectly with the inviting synthesized beats and drum machines uplifting the song, and help bring the scene to life as Power Black exhibits his uninhibited musical expression by delivering innate lyrics imbued with creative wisdom and relatability. “I’m tryin’ to eat as much as can be eaten with one stomach…am not the only one that’s hungry, they need to eat as well” his poetic confrontation and the off-the-cuff rhyming is on display as he passionately raps, “…You don’t understand why I work so much…but it’s because hunger hurt so much…and I don’t earn so much”

“Classic’ featuring Rass Kass is exactly what you call a classic tune as it starts to a vibrant slapping beat and is dope in all aspects. This 2 minutes and 58 seconds is embellished with Power Black’s and Rass Kass hot bars who makes an unforgettable listening experience with their unison artistry and performance purity coupled with innate rapping ability like you have never heard before. “Keep in Touch” featuring Dollar Sign Malc is an unabashed and on-point lyricism to remind everyone to stay on their lanes. It is authentic, lyrically fascinating and increasingly on point. Hats off to the two immensely talented gents for delivering such an intriguing and equally explicit track that minces no words and tells it as it is.

“Justice” is fully absorbing in fairly incomparable ways – an unavoidably addictive smooth track that stands out for its emotional lyrics and heartfelt delivery. This is a real-life world captured in his trademark flows to produce a powerful message that resonates with every listener enjoying the emotions they get off it. “Even when you are forgiven, justice must be administered…that’s something you gotta remember bro…” its smoothly percussive beats give a calming effect as his no-holds-barred lyrical performance entices a listener to play more and more of this particular track. “Roses” featuring Shane The Golden Voice is the perfect tribute song to all the departed souls of our loved ones. The endearing and beautifully delicious virtuosic vocals of Shane The Golden voice is immediately satisfying and his confident delivery is one born of natural talent that has been made even better with technical coaching and industrial experience. Taking center stage, Power Black’s powerful voice delivers emotional bars influencing the whole melody with a personal and emotional lyricism that captures and emotes exactly the strong emotion of the song.

As with all of the other tracks on this melodious album, it was released by the record company Lo-Key Music Group, which is led by Executive Producer Karim Rasul, who meticulously selected elements of the album to create a masterpiece. Simply put, Karim Rasul understands the skills needed to help the artists navigate harmonies, complicated artistic concepts, and riffs.

Listening to “Fight Fire With Fire” feels like walking on holy ground. The other overwhelmingly alluring melodies from this artistic collection include: “Forgiveness” featuring Pappy Natson, “Fire Interlude” featuring The Doughboy Project, the cover track, “Fight Fire With Fire, “Hard Times” featuring Altrina Renee, “Right On Time” featuring Leah Jenea, “My Daughter” featuring Naya L’ Nae and Jelani and “I am a Warrior” featuring Money Zoe and Nocturnal.

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