Jay Wex Drops New Single “Please” Featuring Dynamic Beats and Penetrating Lyrical Wordplay

Published February 24th, 2021 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

Sound modulations by technological enhancements have made a major contribution to the existence of music and are constantly evolving culturally and creatively alongside the collective music scene. Burgeoning music producer and musician Jay Wex presents an exquisite stream of hip-hop instrumentals across a dynamically enhanced soundscape. Using electronic sound and rhythm modulators and other technological interventions, he has sculpted a style that follows the basic characteristics of hip-hop.

His music, though, is a mixed blend of many genres and forms, something that was evidently used in his newly released single “Please” in collaboration with the prolific rapper Pappy Natson. A single that is from Lo-Key Music Group’s compilation album “Smoke & Mirrors”

This song is an unbeaten number that leads the listener to the finest experience of the contemporary use of urban lyricism and seamless production. Both artists effortlessly come together in the intellectual linearity of the single and pave the way for future possibilities in the field of hip hop and rap.

With Jay Wex's killer beats, Pappy Natson was able to match the energy with his intense rap delivery, which is sure to turn the industry's heads. The speed and breathlessness with which the rapper performs his craft is genuinely commendable. The song features a couple of hooks, and the rapper lets his prolific style shine brighter with every move.

Music is a boundless field of experiments and risk-taking, and Jay Wex has always used the vigor of artistic independence in all his works. With such undying zeal and his passion for musical formatting, he is definitely heading to the top.

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