Lo-Key Music Group Is Making Some Brisk Moves Through Their Latest Album “Smoke & Mirrors”

Published February 8th, 2021 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

After firmly establishing themselves as the backbone of the global hip hop scene in 2020, Lo-Key Music Group has returned, completely revamped and revitalized, with five savagely inventive new cuts on their highly awaited album. “Smoke & Mirrors” creates a huge impact through sensory sound and textured sounds, exposing the sheer power of the gripping intensity in Lo-Key Music Group's relation to music; they've held nothing back in the pursuit of the art, and this album proves it.

Created entirely by the various artists (Nocturnal, Pappy Natson, The Doughboy Project, Money Zoe, Rich Pesos, Jay Wex, Tattedupbroc) - the musical arrangement in the tracks carries a bass-heavy melody along with the digital beats to keep the weight and strength up. Each song presents a new soundscape, but there is an unstoppable passion that remains consistent.

The atmospheric vibes and wildly changing sensations that pervade “Smoke & Mirrors” are a true reflection of their collectively wrapped viewpoints and penchant for expressive, exploratory music.

“Smoke & Mirrors” is an album unlike any other, constructed on a base of mystery and mischievous melodies that is as thoughtfully convincing and artistically devious as it is straight-up entertaining from start to finish. Lo-Key Music Group, led by Karim A. Rasul, is carving out their own place in music by smashing an elusive palette of shape-shifting dynamics and positive vibes.

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