Money Zoe Creates a Sultry Soundscape and Creative Flavors in New Single "I Do Me"

Published April 20th, 2021 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

A great artist delves into the origins of a genre to come up with decent ideas, and among all the names who have given us some truly fascinating music in recent years, one singer has upstaged them all: Money Zoe. The artist has an infectious vitality and elegance in his music that is difficult to find in today's contemporary scene. He has redefined the Afrobeats music scene and brought his art to new heights with his unrivaled imagination.

Money Zoe and Trejakon have previously collaborated on a track, which has given him their current stake in the industry. Money Zoe has featured Trejakon in another exciting single titled "I Do Me," which is also the second single from his "Black King" Album. The song has some irresistible grooves, and the combination of incredible drum beats makes it an enjoyable listen.

This afrobeat song is brilliant in terms of feel-good lyricism that interacts with the listener on a profound level. With Trejakon's sultry singing they both complement each other seamlessly on the single.  Money Zoe’s voice is full of energy and passion, and he adds a nice touch of rap to the afro-beats album. The versatile rapper interprets his musicality most appealingly and presents the crowd with a track that compulsively urges them to tap their feet. His soundscapes can be described as entertaining, infectious, and catchy.

Money Zoe models his songs in such a way that it creates a true bond with the audience, determined to impart truthful and authentic stories influenced by his own life experiences. His latest single, "I Do Me," is a fantastic example of his storytelling ability, which engulfs the audience's mind and leaves a lasting impression.

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