New Jersey Hip-Hop Vet Pappy Natson Displays Refined Artistry in His Latest “Silver Lining” Project.

Published May 20th, 2022 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

A 5-star performer who exudes such an unbeatable stage presence and unadulterated flows over the authentic old school-inspired melodies, Pappy Natson was influenced by pristine music of the 70s and artists such as Earth, Wind & Fire, The Sugar Hill Gang, and others and when he decided to venture into the music world himself, he found a way to birth a version of himself that could live up to the footpath that some of his hip hop luminaries growing up had curved. With a career spanning 25 years’ worth of experience, he has made a mark on the game with his original sound, which has opened up the floodgates of collaborations with some of the most highly sought-after emcees and top-rated lyricists.

Pappy Natson is back and is making headlines with his 5-piece EP dubbed "Silver Lining"; - for anyone who grew up to music in the 80s, early 90s, and 2000, this valuable collection takes you back to that golden age when hip-hop music was hip hop music, not this mumble sh*t we are being treated to in the name of rap!

Silver Lining" is embedded in the austerity of the old-school hip hop genre; it has everything you’d think of in rap: raw lyrics, heavy punchlines, lyrical metaphors, puns, and evocative storytelling. The beats are flavored with quintessentially laid-back nostalgic melodies as Natson raps his way via gritty rhymes and thought-provoking bars.

"Silver Lining" features guest appearances from emcees Litt Green, 38 Spesh and Tha God Fahim. The matchless lyricism atop the deft arrangement in "Vinaigrette Drip" is just rap design at its best. Natson just goes on to drop some smooth flows over the introspectively retro beats, coming off as a straight-shooter and intense lyricist.

I am still beholding such an impeccable distillation of immaculate artistry and progressive sound design highlighted in "Can’t see Me" featuring fellow rhymester 38 Spesh. No cap, this track is 100% next level; I tried to do a bar count and got lost in the middle. With the soothingly poignant melodies, Pappy slithers through like an Anaconda with his no-holds-barred lyrical approach reflecting that street vibe to his craft that you can never get enough of.

There is just something about that performance that is just Grammy-worthy;  38 Spesh does well on his part to complement the flows with his smart and hard-hitting punchlines. I have been playing this certified record on repeat, and I can’t seem to get enough of it; it is such quality music with soul.

The title track, "Silver Lining" is a tranquility sublime and soulful masterpiece that drips with meditative soul. Natson and guest performer Tha God Fahim lay bare their raw emotions over the 90s-inspired beats.

I could go on and on about how impressively unique and fulfilling "Silver Lining" is, but I’ll leave you to it to enjoy such inimitable artistry. Follow the attached link and make it worth your while!

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