Power Black Has Announced a New Release: "I'm A Warrior” (featuring Money Zoe & Nocturnal)

Published December 6th, 2021 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

December 2021 - Power Black is an artist and songwriter who recently released a new single titled "I’m A Warrior". This release is particularly outstanding, because it marks an exciting new chapter in the creative journey of this talented artist. His most recent studio project, "Fight Fire With Fire”, is indeed quite personal, with lyrics that are very self-affirming and intuitive, oppose to referring to the usual cliches of the genre. This rap single “I’m A Warrior” was produced by The Doughboy Project, and it features his label mates Nocturnal and Money Zoe.This is the third chosen single from the release, and it is another massive achievement from the artist, showcasing the huge variety of sounds that made the album so special and easy to relate to.

As a result, the song feels a lot more genuine and sincere, with a rush of energy. It takes a certain amount of character to be able to think with so much focus and personality, and Power Black has definitely managed to set the bar higher with this fantastic new release.

Find out more about Power Black, and do not miss out on "I'm A Warrior” with Money Zoe & Nocturnal, which is currently available on all digital music streaming outlets.

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