Revive Your Energy with The Latest Single “Positive Vibes Over Here” by Tattedupbroc

Published November 2nd, 2020 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

Hip hop and rap have become unstoppable in the musical world, breaking the traditional limits and projecting their vivid versatility. Tattedupbroc, a multi-talented hip hop artist, has gained a lot of attention with his latest track “Positive Vibes Over Here,” in collaboration with Skinnyfromthe9 which features a seamless collision of rhythmic groovy beats and his fast-ranging rhyming cadence, setting the tone for a rejuvenating acoustic delight. The song's lyrical grandeur, which imparts the utmost positivity, produces an ambiance of compelling sincerity, demonstrating his brilliant craftsmanship.

With a massive fan base in the hip hop movement, Tattedupbroc has left his fans spellbound with his new masterpiece “Positive Vibes Over Here,” which paints a vibrant image navigating the world through a prism of positivity and an articulately positioned raw narrative. The song's heartfelt vibe, which generates pure emotive responses, is viewed as a therapeutic melodic piece that sits on top of the syncopated chord arrangements. “Positive Vibes Over Here” is the second single from his EP “Where There's Smoke There's Fire,” and the album as a whole shows a vivid mix of ocular and tonal majesty, which has earned him the acclaim he deserves.

Tattedupbroc has managed to build a fresh wave of musicality experimenting with various spatial elements and instrumentation to maximize the melodic impact of his soundscape, quickly topping the popularity list. Mastering all of the basic dynamics of the genre, His distinctive rap flow ignites fire into the stage, exhibiting his true enthusiasm and raw energy. Tattedupbroc has flourished enormously in his region, crafting brilliant compositions that are opulent with spectacular dynamic progression and picturesque lyricism narrative his journey through colossal adversity using vivid symbolism. He is supported and promoted by Lo-key Music Group.

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