Skin Like Bronze

Published October 13th, 2021 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

Pappy Natson

“Everywhere from Africa to the down under plays me; catch the lightning and thunder from this EP” proclaims Lo-Key Music Group recording artist Pappy Natson. With a remarkable catalogue that spans 16 projects deep, the Rahway, New Jersey music veteran has the right to believe that like his past achievements, his newest offering is ripe for mass appeal. Returning with the second installment of his three-part music series, Skin Like Bronze (SLB) is here to contrast the soft texture of today’s Pop/Rap climate. With the follow up to his 2020 release Hair Like Wool, Pappy seeks to uphold the legacy of real rap with his anti-radio, quality over quantity approach. However, let’s be very clear, just because this project isn’t made for the radio, does not devalue its replay ability. This project is, like the title of one it’s marquee tracks, straight to the point.

You won’t find any of that razzle dazzle, frivolous stuff here. The album’s beat selection patterns themselves after Pappy’s flow and delivery; stripped down to the bare essentials. This is Underground Hip Hop at its best: timeless samples looped on top of J-Dilla worthy bass, tied neatly together with razor sharp lyrics. While short in run time, not all great things need to be long and drawn out for you to experience maximum enjoyment and SLB is no different. With artists dropping projects featuring 15, 20 and 30+ songs to boost sales in the streaming era, this offering is for the purest. Nothing artificial about this. If you find yourself looking for a fine strip of steak over that fast food junk on your streaming playlist, then look no further. 

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