The Doughboy Project huge and touch of genuine genius in, “I Want All the Smoke (Instrumentals)” is everything you want for Christmas and going into the New Year

Published December 24th, 2021 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

The Doughboy Project has accessed his genius-level insights and advanced creativity by tapping on his hardwired capacity to capitalize on the realm of pure genius which has been activated with his musical gifts which precedes him having taken him to places one would only dream. His DJ’ing success is just the tip of the iceberg to what has been an enormously successful musical safari. Fortune favors the bold and his hard work and endless drive has allowed him to keep soaring great heights in the music industry. “I Want All the Smoke (Instrumentals)” is a masterpiece, a well-executed plan of instruments arrangement which makes for resounding listening experience and takes a listener’s mind on a pilgrimage into the musical galaxy which is exploding with the encyclopedic style of the emotionally charged compositions – an absolute pinnacle of production mastery. This whole album offers surging, propulsive energy with the energetic instrumentations and catchy melodies which will be the healing groove for most listeners. It is great compositions to move a listener, to keep them still and even grant some passage of world bliss. Listeners will round out this 8-songs instrumentation revering in the victory hour of personal fortification with its 28 minutes and 26 seconds ensuring that you glow and grow with its overwhelmingly alluring pieces.

“Awaken” is laden with a heavy touch of melodic piano riff at its incision before it hits the ground running with heavy influence of incredible exploding beats with the deep-phased basslines and the pounding 808’s sound. Don’t get it twisted as the second track, “Child’s play” is actually no child’s play with the armed crushing drum machines percussively layered with evocative mystic portions of beats woven together by an opulent tapestry of melodic sounds and textures. “Trauma” consists of an arty and fiery introspective instruments that offer a listener the redeeming chance for soul-searching with its detailed self-analysis captivation, the understated rhythm that have been driven up to a bruising elegance, haunting a listener to the core. “Crisis has a steady rhythm that your favorite rapper can shine through with majestic ease due to its fierce and cataclysmic sophistication.

“Survival” is torn between survival of the fittest and the survival of the ‘littest’ with the immediate tone it sets with its thunderous drum line and plenty of crashing Hip hop rhythms. “1994” takes you on a time travel with its bold and textured sound that brings nostalgic vibes. “Rest in Peace” is a mood-evoking with lavish beauty you’d want to put someone to sleep just to be sure it is the right emotion you’re getting off of it. 

This has to be the best instrumental kind of music I’ve listened to in a while. The Doughboy Project in his own wisdom decided to make the reminder of his musical life an exercise in audacity, a testament to exceptional productivity and an unseen expression of unstained beauty and if records like “I Want All the Smoke (Instrumentals)” are what we will be getting for the coming years, we might actually die from too much awesomeness!

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