The Man with the Golden Voice - Shane Releases His Second Single “Do Not Disturb”

Published February 14th, 2022 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

On All Digital Streaming Platforms

This is a musical affair built passionately; one record at a time by Shane who apart from being a singer-songwriter is also an ingenious producer and a skilled dancer.  He released his first single “Falling in Love” on August 27, 2021 and was also featured on the heartfelt and groundbreaking Adult Contemporary Hip Hop song “Roses”. He has a 5-song forthcoming EP titled “Do Not Disturb (The Appetizer)” deluxe edition and the title track “Do Not Disturb” is the second single off it which was released on February 14th, 2022 (Valentine’s Day) via Lo-Key Music Group. This is a song for the lovers enjoying their intimate space without any distraction - phones off and just a couple enjoying their maximum moments together; they have a message for you all, “Do Not Disturb!” Push the play button – turn up the volume and listen in awe as the 90s and 00s inspired theme music for the soul that is dripped in rhythm and blues escape through the space in dazzling fashion!

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In both melody and harmony, this song brings back memories. It's an example of "musical prose because of how the euphony washes over the listener, mixed with an impressive blend of rhythm and melody. The lyrics make you think of an intimate space with your partner, away from the world outside.

Shane's impassioned and captivating vocals slink with gracious ease over the ear-grazing accompaniment and real glamour via the dazzlingly emotional orchestration! In addition to the dazzling 90s R&B vibes, the gorgeously complex instrumental arrangement includes a thick slide of hip-hop groove competing for attention!

You can feel the power, vibe, and influence the track carries over you and as you close your eyes; the intimate images from the lyrics are drawn up in your head and you feel every emotion so perfectly that you start living in the conjured up mental state that is heavenly! This is his second single release and it is available on all the major streaming platforms. Follow the attached link to stream this track, like it, save it as a favorite and check out the other single “Falling in Love” to marvel at the undeniable talent that Shane is!

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