Lo-Key Music Group Announces “Black King” The New Album by Money Zoe

Published October 23rd, 2020 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

Lo-Key Music Group announces a conscious album by Money Zoe, bringing a new touching sound to his fans with the release of his long-awaited album, Black King. The album Black King is composed of three singles, which spans over songs like, Black Lives Matter, Karen and Melanin.

Money Zoe recorded the newly released album Black King with the Record Label “Lo-Key Music Group”. The new songs are motivated by life-changing events cutting across the human race to alert us about the happenings that are taking place in the world. And while each song differs in tune, they all are prototypes and are based on one general theme.

The first single, “Black Lives Matter” is a song about police brutality, undue or excessive use of force by the police and violation of civil rights. The second single, “Karen” is a song about racism, disregarding and oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial order which is an expression of implicit and explicit bias. While the third, “Melanin” is a song about accepting and embracing the color of your skin.

The music album is now available on all digital streaming platforms, you shouldn’t miss out on this! It’s been a boundless challenge but it’s now about time to pull over and relish the music. The rhythms and tune used in the album is exceptional.

The Lo-Key Music Group have been known for creating and providing positive and life changing experiences for fans, listeners and communities. We are thrilled to once again bring the new album “Black King” on board for you, our fans, says Karim A. Rasul, President & CEO of Lo-Key Music Group.

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