Money Zoe Has Slain the Fans with Contemporary Vibes in Afrobeats with His New Single “Juices & Berries”

Published March 1st, 2021 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

Money Zoe, a talented versatile artist, cannot help but stand out for all the right reasons with his impressively soulful sound, spectacular vocal range, and innovative spin on Afrobeats.

He is a natural entertainer with a tremendous talent for writing songs that genuinely appeal to the hearts and minds of fans all over the world and returns in time to cool down the summer with a brand new single titled “Juices & Berries,” featuring Trejakon the first single from his forthcoming EP “Mo’ Fire,” which will be released this summer. 

“Juices & Berries” depicts the artist’s eclectic rap style, guarded by reflective verses and a smooth hook that immediately lifts the mood. The song has a lovely melody and seamlessly combines his vocal tone and lyrical consciousness. The artist’s flow becomes increasingly impressive, with absolute clarity and mellow energy as the song progresses. 

Only one listen is enough to appreciate his music content, which works well as a dance piece since he picks groovy Afro music to compliment his distinct style. It’s a unique take on Afrobeat sound design that effectively draws anyone in with its upbeat mood and melodies. Exciting, catchy and groovy are the terms that summarize “Juices & Berries”

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