Established Hip-Hop Artist Nocturnal Releases a New Single “Body Bag Zip’Em” Featuring Billy Danze From the Legendary Rap Group M.O.P.

Published April 21st, 2022 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

Nocturnal is a hip-hop artist from Brick City Newark, New Jersey who has been building his catalog for over two decades, working with some of Hip Hop’s elite including EPMD, Das Efx & Snowgoons to name a few.

His rap style is edgy combined with punchlines that kick as he delivers hard-hitting bars that spar with the best of them.

The latest track “Body Bag Zip’em” is the 3rd single from Nocturnal’s forthcoming “Breathin Fire 2” EP. It features the iconic Billy Danze (a Brooklyn New York native that hails from the hard-core rap group M.O.P.)

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In paying tribute to the East Coast culture, this hard-hitting banger produced by Allrounda Beats is bass-heavy combined with mesmeric effects with some complex instrumentation. This is that rich hip-hop sound that takes you back to the 90s when rappers wanted to be gangsters, and gangster rappers! Nocturnal wears his heart on his lyrical sleeve and serves some hefty knockout blows in rap incursion majesty as he demands the attention of the listener who complies without giving much of a fight!

Billy Danze fills this track with that high-octane energy and infectious flow as he complements the tune in his own iconic way-giving an ode to the street anthems as he slays the beast in rap transcending fashion; relieving his unapologetic thoughts on the hard beats like a rap titan!

This is the street anthem for the summer and beyond and I can already predict its heavy influence from the streets of New Jersey, New York, and all the way across the globe as the online listeners jump in numbers to relieve themselves of its reminiscent qualities. “Body Bag Zip’em” is now available on all the major streaming platforms; follow the attached link and get yourself some powerful speakers if you don’t want to play this on some ‘lazy speakers!’

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