Money Zoe and Rich Pesos Tailor Their Latest Hip Hop Single Collaboration “No No” Molded in Effortless Swagger

Published February 5th, 2021 by Lo-Key Entertainment Group

Established Hip Hop artist Money Zoe blows us out of the water once again with his newest hit “No No” featuring Rich Pesos, which combines ambiance and swagger into one heavy track. With all kind of impressive releases under his name since breaking into the industry, the talented rapper has maintained his consistency in the spotlight and continues to do what he does best.

“No No” is the fourth single from Lo-Key Music Group's compilation album “Smoke & Mirrors,” and it's a fantastic compelling track that blasts you right into the overall feel and atmosphere that Money Zoe & Rich Pesos provides throughout the song. His vocal charisma shines through with multifarious, richly textured vocals that are genuine and energetic. The production value is a happy medium that does not overburden the listener with theatrical elements. Between the bouncy beats and the lyrical spits that share apt similarities, this single is as authentic as it comes.

Money Zoe is not your average rapper; he is a naturally talented songwriter with his own distinct sound and style. Embracing a style that combines elements of old-school rap and convectional hip hop. His lyrical flow focuses on very compelling lyrical narratives that connect in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat and listening. While adopting a more nuanced vocal style that is smooth and sharp, it does not detract from the creatively performed material that he weaves in every bar and measure.

“No No” certainly has the staying power where the songs stick with you long after the song is over. If you haven't heard Money Zoe yet, this single will instantly elevate you to superfan status.

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